Residential Cleaning

Nothing is more important than the wellbeing of family and friends. Bacteria, dust mites, and other microscopic organisms can reside in your carpet and upholstery. Dream Steam uses advanced hot-water extraction methods, which effectively disinfect and sanitize your textiled areas, improving the air quality of your indoor environment in just a few short hours! Call today to discuss how Dream Steam can improve the quality of your home environment and get your carpet and upholstery deeply cleaned. Green cleaning systems are available!

You can expect that Dream Steam Carpet Cleaning will:

  • Deep clean your carpet, especially high-traffic or heavily-soiled areas

  • Use highly-effective, hot-water extraction, which disinfects and sanitizes your carpet

  • Target and scrub those pesky spots and stains

  • Work to remove pet stains and odors

  • Our hot-water, powerful extraction leaves no residue behind

  • Move most furniture, up to 100 pounds, and place moved items on foam blocks while the carpet dries

  • optional – Protect your carpet from future spills, spots, and stains. Safe for people, pets, and the environment.