Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process

One of the most frequently asked questions by new customers is how the hardwood floor cleaning process works. We know that it is important to have an understanding about the process, and we love to educate customers on how the cleaning will be performed.

During the hardwood floor cleaning process, we clean the floors twice- the first time we run a cleaning solution through the machine. During the follow up cleaning we run a neutralizer through the machine that will ensure none of the cleaner is left behind, so the floors are left smooth and soft rather than sticky or soapy.

The machine looks a lot like a vacuum, but can clean various types of stone tile as well as hardwood floor. It has two water tanks, one for the cleaning water, and one for the recovered water. Under the machine, there is a jet that sprays the cleaning water along with a brush that scrubs it in. Both are between two squeegees, which allows us to control the water we put down to prevent any damage to the floor.

The sealer is a coating we would apply after the cleaning, that comes in either gloss or satin. While cleaning and sealing is not a restoration process such as sanding, the sealer can help protect your floor from future wear and tear as well as minor scratches.

We offer free on-site consultations for hardwood floor cleaning, so contact us today to help set up an appointment with one of our representatives!

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