Meet our RamAir Duct Cleaning System at DreamSteam

Some customers ask us: what is it that sets this duct cleaning system apart from other rotary machines? Give us a call today.

RamAir is a heavy-duty pressurized duct cleaning system that connects to our van-mounted vacuum. The biggest difference is that the hose has a ball on the end of it, which uses the power of compressed air to pull the debris through the home’s ductwork taking care to also clean the main trunk line.

Some systems use a rotary brush cleaning which we have found that comparatively, the RamAir system produces better results and contains no abrasive brushes to damage the ducts during cleaning. The ClearView Vacuum Box you can see pictured below is placed over the register so that technicians and customers can see the debris as it is vacuumed out.

If you have had duct cleaning done by Dream Steam we would love to hear your testimonial! If you have not had Dream Steam out to do your duct cleaning, contact us today to see for yourself how much cleaner your ducts can be and your improved air quality! 

If you have your own hard to clean duct area, contact DreamSteam for an estimate or services today!. Give us a call at (651) 340-3484 to set up your free estimate!

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