Spring Ahead to Your Cleaning Checklist

We know how important it is to keep the dust and dirt out of your home year-round. Spring is notorious for pollen outside and dust leftover inside from closing up your home all winter.  Give us a call today!

In Minnesota, our first instinct is to open up the windows when it is finally warm enough to do that. This makes for a unique situation as dust, dirt, and pollen from outside can cling to the fibers of the carpet in unsightly areas.  It also means that it is a perfect time to have Dream Steam out at the intersection of winter and spring to have a fresh and clean carpet as the seasons change. 

Whether your cleaning checklist is short or long, be sure to add, “call Dream Steam” to your list and leave the rest…and the dust to us! 


Right now is a great time to call us and book a walk-through or appointment for spring!  Give us a call at (651) 340-3484 to set up your free estimate!

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