What is Hot Water Extraction?

Dream Steam uses the Hydramaster, which has been the top choice for carpet cleaners for more than 45 years. Give us a call today!

The system we use for carpet cleaning is Hydramaster, which has been the top choice for carpet cleaners for more than 45 years. This top-ranked truck mount utilizes the engine of the van for power and is more than powerful enough to handle anything from residential to large commercial jobs. With vacuum power of more than 400 CFM and a max water temperature of greater than 235 degrees, this legendary machine gives our technicians all the power to complete the trickiest jobs out there! 

Hot water extraction often referred to as “steam cleaning”, applies hot pressurized water into pretreated carpet fibers. A high-powered vacuum returns the water and the suspended soil to a recovery tank. We use a neutralizing rinse, which allows us to completely remove the pre-treatment spray resulting in a soft, fresh, and clean carpet.

Carpet can be one of your home’s most important places to keep clean because if left uncared for, carpeted spaces and can harbor dust and dirt.  The reason why some carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction is because this method can clean and disinfect the fibers in their natural state without using any shampoo or harsh detergents leaving you with a crunchy residue that dirt will cling to. 

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