Why Choose Dream Steam?

If you have landed on our website, you are likely shopping around for carpet cleaning services and looking for a cleaning company that is set apart from the rest and won’t leave you with a crunchy carpet that still attracts soil. Give us a call today!

When customers ask us what makes Dream Steam different than our competitors, we explain to them the process of our cleaning and point out these factors:

Residue Neutralizing Rinse

Rinse is so important, yet so many other cleaning companies neglect it. Some companies rinse with cleaners that attract soil, others pre-spray the cleaner first, and rinse with only water. Rinsing with water is better than with a product that attracts soil, but it still does not do enough to completely remove the sticky residue. That is why we rinse with a neutralizing rinse that will ensure there is no rapid re-soiling due to left behind cleaners. This leaves you with soft, freshly cleaned carpet with results that last. 

Carpet Protector

Carpet Protector is one of the services that Dream Steam offers for areas that tend to attract dirt or have a high volume of foot traffic. After we have done the initial cleaning, the protector that Dream Steam uses acts as a barrier that will help prevent spills and stains from bonding to the carpet fibers, and has been formulated with dye blockers for stains with colors in them. Although the protector does not last forever, it does help combat stains in problem areas and works best when reapplied. This service is great for our regular customers…we hope that will be you! 

If you are looking for an estimate to steam clean your carpets, contact us for a free consultation to get your carpets nice and fresh. Dream Steam is sure to make a clean impression on your carpets!  Give us a call at (651) 340-3484 to set up your free estimate!

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