Top Reasons to Hire Dream Steam in the Winter

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Top Reasons to Hire Dream Steam in the Winter

While our busiest seasons are typically in the warmer months, the winter season is also a great time for floor cleaning in your home. Here are some reasons why we think carpet cleaning in the winter can be helpful:

  • We spend more of our time indoors during the winter months. Carpet cleaning can increase your overall satisfaction with the cleanliness of your home as you spend more time there.
  • The health benefits of clean carpets in the winter are for everyone in your home, including pets. Carpet cleaning can remove harmful ice melt chemicals on shoes that can be tracked into your home, along with dirt and slush.
  • Hot water extraction can remove stains and the appearance of those really tough stains left over from the holiday season..
  • Our van-mounted system can be parked in or near a garage if you are hesitant to have your doors open during the project in lower temperatures

If you have any questions about winter time cleaning, we would be happy to answer them! Give us a call today at 651-340-3484 and we would be happy to help you!

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