Duct…duct…grey ducts?

You may find that from season to season the ductwork in your home becomes dusty, filled with debris, or lined with pet dander and other allergens.  Dream Steam duct cleaning services ensure your ducts are clean and free of unhealthy allergens. Give us a call today.

Dream Steam uses RamAir , a heavy-duty system that is a very effective tool in the HVAC industry. It is pressurized and brushless which makes removal of debris quick and efficient. The ClearView Vacuum box can provide our technicians and customers with the opportunity to see the removal as it is taking place to be able to see the difference between our system and a rotary brush system.  

The sealer is a coating we would apply after the cleaning, that comes in either gloss or satin. While cleaning and sealing is not a restoration process such as sanding, the sealer can help protect your floor from future wear and tear as well as minor scratches.

As the warmer seasons come to a close, many homeowners start to turn on the heating systems in their homes.  When the air ducts are clogged or dirty, the warm air moves through much slower and can cause the furnace to work harder resulting in higher monthly heating and utility bills. If you find yourself undecided about including duct cleaning in your budget, consider the value of clean ducts when it comes to the maintenance of your furnace in the winter months.

We offer free on-site consultations for air duct cleaning, so contact us today to help set up an appointment with one of our representatives!

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