Hardwood Floor

Has your wood floor taken a beating over time and in bad shape? Let Dream Steam clean, restore, and beautify it using only the finest products and equipment on the market. See below to learn more.

What is the process Dream Steam uses to clean my Hardwood floor?
  1. Inspect the floor to determine the best protective coating for your floor.
  2. Identify any surface contaminates to make certain that prior to application the high quality coating will properly adhere to the floor.
  3. Prepare the floor — vacuum floor thoroughly, cover vents, and protect floor boards as needed.
  4. Deep clean the floor to remove dirt, grime, and a thin surface of the existing finish.
  5. Vacuum the floor again and apply suggested solvent, then dry.
  6. Provide information on how to maintain your new floor, enabling you to extend its life.
Do you use heavy toxic chemicals in the process? We have many employees in our office!

Nope! The products we use are non-toxic and have minimal odor. Safe for you, your tenants, and customers. Additionally, the polyurethane coatings dry quickly so you can use your space shortly after we’ve provided the service.

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IICRC Certified Technicians!
Joe Payette, GM
Are your workers experienced and trained? How can I be sure?

Absolutely! Your wood floor will ultimately only get as clean as the technician standing behind the cleaning tools, no matter how good the equipment is! This is why we put our technicians through a rigorous cleaning course to become IICRC certified (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). In addition to this third party training, our general manager Joe Payette, spends an extensive amount of time training our workers in house. We do NOT let our technicians clean alone until they are as knowledgeable as Joe and meet his high cleaning standards.

Screened Staff!
Who will clean my hardwood floors? I have kids and many valuables in my home!

Our cleaning technicians are all screened by Ask The Seal (theseal.com) which is a third party company which conducts criminal backgrounds on all our workers. The screening process identifies history of assault, sex offenders, and theft. Anyone we hire must meet these strict screening requirements. We invest our time and money into this important process to make sure that you, our customer, are completely safe and secure. Be aware that, many companies say that they run criminal background checks, but in reality do not. You can verify Dream Steam right this moment at theseal.com!

Are all Minneapolis hardwood flooring (and metro wide) cleaning companies the same?

No, the cleaning of your Hardwood floor will only turn out as good as the cleaning technician behind the cleaning, as well as the quality of equipment used. Our staff are highly trained, use eco-friendly products, and know how to professionally clean your floors! Complimentary consultation and pricing is always available. Call our office now to set up this no-obligation opportunity! 651-340-3484.

“After hiring Dream Steam, my hardwood floors shine like new. Truly a job well done!”

Beth - St. Paul, MN
Dream Steam Carpet Cleaning will…
  • Use only the highest quality products.
  • Provide eco-friendly options.
  • Vastly improve your office appearance.
  • Extend the life of your new looking floor.
  • Eliminate bacteria, dirt, mold, fungi, and other unhealthy contaminates.