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Using the same state of the art equipment we use to clean carpets, plus some important specialized tools, we can replenish the exterior and interior look of your car, truck, or RV in no time! See below to learn more how we can help.

What methods/equipment does Dream Steam use to clean my Boat, RV, Car?
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We are experts at detailing vehicles. Dream Steam uses only the best available truck mounted equipment in today’s market. Using hot water extraction, our powerful equipment provides optimal results to deep clean your carpet and other fabrics. Our experts will remove stains, and dirt in and around your vehicle. We target dirt, dust, allergens, pet droppings, urine, pet hair, oils, food, beverage spills, and many other contaminants. Pressure washers, high powered buffers, and eco-friendly products are used to obtain maximum results.

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IICRC Certified Technicians!
Joe Payette, GM
Are your workers experienced and trained? How can I be sure?

Absolutely! Your vehicles will ultimately only get as clean as the technician standing behind the tools and products, no matter how good the equipment is! This is why we put our technicians through a rigorous cleaning course to become IICRC certified (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). In addition to this third party training, our general manager Joe Payette, spends an extensive amount of time training our workers in house. We do NOT let our technicians clean alone until they are as knowledgeable as Joe and meet his high standards.

Screened Staff!
Who will clean my vehicle? Do you screen them?

Our cleaning technicians are all screened by Ask The Seal ( which is a third party company which conducts criminal backgrounds on all our workers. The screening process identifies history of assault, sex offenders, and theft. Anyone we hire must meet these strict screening requirements. We invest our time and money into this important process to make sure that you, our customer, are completely safe and secure. Be aware that, many companies say that they run criminal background checks, but in reality do not. You can verify Dream Steam right this moment at!

“My boat was trashed after a family weekend of camping out on it. Dream Steam came to my home and spent a day removing the algae on the hull fiberglass while cleaning all the sand, food stains, and other junk inside the boat. After being wiped out from the weekend, cleaning the boat was the last thing I wanted to do. My boat is 15 years old, I really can’t believe the great results and am so glad I hired these guys!”

Ted - Minneapolis, MN
Dream Steam Carpet Cleaning will…
  • Deep clean in and out of your vehicle.
  • Extract close to 100% of the water used maximizing fast dry time and no residue.
  • Work to remove those nasty stains and odors.
  • Use highly-effective, hot-water extraction, which disinfects and sanitizes.
  • Pressure wash and buff exterior surface removing dirt, algae, and even minor scratches.
  • Optional – Protect your carpet, leather, and other fabrics from future spills, spots, and stains.  Safe for people, pets, and the environment.  Highly Recommended!

For a free no-obligation quote, or to speak with a representative to learn more about this service, please call our office at 651-340-3484

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