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Air duct cleaning is important. It helps keep your furnace running efficiently, saving you money, and improves your air quality. See more below how Dream Steam can help!

Do I really need my air ducts cleaned?
Air Duct Cleaning

Many people don’t understand the importance of clean air ducts. Over time, dirty ducts can contain bacteria, dust mites, fungi, pollen, mold and other pollutants. Air ducts, like carpets, rugs, and other items in your house may accumulate all of these hazards. This can contribute to allergies, and airborne illnesses. This is why we stress the importance of quality air duct cleaning.

Will clean air ducts save money for me in the long run?
Air Duct Cleaning

Absolutely! Imagine trying to win a race with a race car that had a parachute on the back of it while racing against other cars that didn’t. Obviously the car with the parachute on the back would be slower, cause the engine to work harder, cost more in gas, tire maintenance, etc, and finish dead last in the race. The same is true when keeping a clogged air filter on your furnace or neglecting to clean your air ducts. When your furnace pushes air through clogged or dirty air ducts, the airflow is slowed considerably, causing the furnace to work harder. Clean air ducts improve the efficiency of your furnace, extending its life and saving you money on your utility bill.

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Air Duct Cleaning
I have allergies and/or asthma, can Dream Steam help?

Many people suffer from allergies and asthma. While you are not able to control the air outside of your home you absolutely can control it inside. Keeping clean air ducts can help prevent/reduce allergies by keeping your air microbe-free. Air ducts can harbor dust, pet droppings, pollen, dust mites, and other pollutants which are key triggers of allergies and respiratory issues like asthma.

The air seems fine in my home; after all I have a new home and really efficient furnace!

It’s important to begin air duct cleaning maintenance early on. The famous saying “ignorance is bliss” is far from true. It’s impossible to actually see the air quality in your home. A carbon monoxide leak in a home isn’t often noticed until someone gets sick. Carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless, just as home air pollutants are and this is why we stress air duct cleaning. You can get a free consultation by our Dream Steam air duct experts anytime. If your air ducts look to be in good shape, we won’t charge or clean what doesn’t need service.

Air Duct Cleaning Techs
IICRC Certified Technicians!
Air Duct Cleaning Manager
Joe Payette, GM
Are your workers experienced and trained? How can I be sure?

Absolutely! Your ducts will ultimately only get as clean as the technician standing behind the cleaning tools, no matter how good the equipment is! This is why we put our technicians through a rigorous cleaning course to become IICRC certified (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). In addition to this third party training, our General Manager Joe Payette, spends an extensive amount of time training our workers in house. We do NOT let our technicians clean alone until they are as knowledgeable as Joe and meet his high standards.

Air Duct Cleaning - The Seal
Screened Staff!
Who will clean my carpet? I have kids and many valuables in my home!

Our air duct cleaning technicians are all screened by Ask The Seal ( which is a third party company which conducts criminal backgrounds on all our workers. The screening process identifies history of assault, sex offenders, and theft. Anyone we hire must meet these strict screening requirements. We invest our time and money into this important process to make sure that you, our customer, are completely safe and secure. Be aware that, many companies say that they run criminal background checks, but in reality do not. You can verify Dream Steam right this moment at!

Can Dream Steam help?

Yes! Dream Steam is passionate about helping our customers receive a professional air duct cleaning service for a reasonable price. Whether Minneapolis air duct cleaning, St. Paul air duct cleaning, or some other location in the Twin Cities metro, we’ve got you covered. Our workers are highly trained and experienced and can take care of your air duct needs. Call today for a free air duct cleaning quote or consultation 651-340-3484!

“I hired Dream Steam to clean my air ducts, and had a great experience. The guys showed up on time, and wore protective coverings over their feet to not dirty up my carpet as they walked around my home. Very professional workers, thanks Dream Steam!”

Sarah - Minneapolis, MN
Dream Steam Carpet Cleaning will…
  • Improve the air quality by removing contaminants from the “lungs” of your home.
  • Save you money and keep your furnace system running at tip top shape!
  • Create a healthier living place!
  • Eliminate bacteria, dust mites, fungi, pollen, mold and other pollutants.

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