A vinyl floor can be a lot of work to clean. Why not have the professionals at Dream Steam make your dingy flooring shine again! See more below how we can help.

Is Dream Steam up to the task of cleaning my vinyl floor?

Yes! We offer the best techniques to properly clean your commercial floors. We’ll brush, scrub and burnish your vinyl floors, giving them a new look and an extended life. We bring fully trained and experienced technicians to your project and this is why we are the top experts in vinyl floor cleaning in Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs.

Can you elaborate on the process?
  1. Scrub and finish.

    Floors eventually lose their high shine appearance and appear dull. When this happens, it’s time for Dream Steam to re-coat. Scrubbing and recoating give a floor a beautiful new shine plus it limits the need for strip and wax, which is more costly and time consuming.

  2. Strip and Wax

    Dirt particles, dust, and other contaminates gradually infest waxed floors and lead to a yellow discoloration. To restore the original luster, we strip and wax your floor. We highly recommend doing this every 9-12 months or so for medium traffic areas and every 3-6 months for higher traffic locations. Our Dream Steam technicians are experienced and can restore your floors the right way with the best equipment and at a reasonable cost. If you’re ever unsure whether you should have your floors serviced, just give us a call and we’ll gladly provide a free no-obligation consult.

  3. Burnishing (buffing)

    If your Vinyl or VCT floor is in very bad condition and beyond restoring with the first two options, it is probably time to use burnishing, or buffing. Burnishing your floor will give it a beautiful high gloss look. We use our commercial grade high speed floor buffing machine to restore and renew a floor’s surface. We can use a variance of buffing equipment depending on your particular situation. Leave it to Dream Steam to restore your floor!

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Screened Staff!
Who are you technicians? Can I trust them?

Our vinyl floor cleaning technicians are all screened by Ask The Seal ( which is a third party company which conducts criminal backgrounds on all our workers. The screening process identifies history of assault, sex offenders, and theft. Anyone we hire must meet these strict screening requirements. We invest our time and money into this important process to make sure that you, our customer, are completely safe and secure. Be aware that, many companies say that they run criminal background checks, but in reality do not. You can verify Dream Steam right this moment at!

IICRC Certified Technicians!
Joe Payette, GM
Are your workers experienced and trained? How can I be sure?

Absolutely! Your floor will ultimately only get as clean as the technician doing the work, no matter how good the equipment is! This is why we put our technicians through a rigorous course to become IICRC certified (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). In addition to this third party training, our general manager Joe Payette, spends an extensive amount of time training our workers in house. We do NOT let our technicians clean alone until they are as knowledgeable as Joe and meet his high standards.

“I had a terrific experience with this company. Thanks for the great service!”

Monica - Stillwater, MN
Dream Steam Carpet Cleaning will…
  • Remove unsightly dirt, grime and stains from your vinyl floor.
  • Restore it with a beautiful new shine.
  • Use only premium quality products for protecting your floor finish.
  • Provide the service when it’s convenient for you and your schedule.
  • Use premium quality equipment.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you! For a free no-obligation quote, or to speak with a representative to learn more about our service, please call our office at 651-340-3484.

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