Matt’s Moving, DreamSteam and Squeegee Squad

Have you prepared your old home to move out or your new home to move in? Prior to using Matt’s Moving to get your home furniture safely into your new home, we recommend window washing and carpet cleaning to increase your home’s value before listing it. So who can you trust to provide a quality carpet or window washing at an affordable price?  We have just the companies for you!

Saving Money When Having Your Upholstery Cleaned Professionally

Pricing for cleaning upholstery professionally, unfortunately, is very subjective to the size, material, and condition of your furniture.  The worse the condition, the longer it will take to clean. The same goes with the material. Some materials require special care and will require longer to clean.  So how can you save money when using a professional upholstery cleaner? 

Mattress Cleaning is Important for your Health

When we clean our home we do it because we know its important for our health. What we often overlook is the cleaning of our mattress which impacts the air quality in our homes.  

Carpet Cleaning and Window Washing

Carpet Cleaning is done. What’s next on your list? Carpet cleaning is a low cost home cleaning services offered by Dream Steam. Dream Steam team members are also trained to provide the following services listed below.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Before and After Photos

View professional carpet cleaning results with our happy customers before and after photos. Dream Steam provides provide carpet cleaning services to restore and maintain your carpets clean and fresh.

Four Reasons to Use a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Let’s Face it.  We live busy lives and our ability to clean our carpets are limited by how much time we have and the equipment we have on hand.  Most people vacuum their carpets for years without even considering getting them professionally cleaned. Or if they use one of those ‘rent-your-own” cleaners from the grocery store, they are limited to what they can accomplish.

Benefits of Getting Your Tile & Grout Cleaned Professionally

Dirty tile and grout can be unattractive, unhealthy and extremely hard to clean and keep up. Not to mention how time-consuming tile and grout cleaning can be.  Professional cleaners can clean, treat, and seal your tile and grout the professional way with premium quality tools, equipment, and cleaning products.

Questions to Ask Carpet Cleaning Companies

Need carpet cleaning? See what questions you should ask before hiring a carpet cleaning company. Searching for a professional carpet cleaning company can be a little tricky, but here are some simple tips and questions to help sort through the maze of offerings. The first thing, is to ensure you are receiving an accurate quote. Whether you do this online or with a phone call, you’ll want to confirm the services in the quote are the actual services being rendered. 

Common Air Duct Cleaning Questions

Here are some common air duct cleaning questions and air duct cleaning services. According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), the average six-room house collects 40 pounds of dirt, dust and allergens in its air ducts each year. So lets answer some of these questions and give some thoughts on getting air ducts cleaned.