November Spotlight: Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile can be made up of many different materials from vinyl to natural stone. As tile and grout ages, it can acquire a lot of dirt and grime buildup that can give its appearance a dull or dirty look even after scrubbing it.   Give us a call today.

Mattress Cleaning Services

Most people love their mattresses because they provide a good night’s sleep. Since we spend a large portion of our life sleeping, it is so important to regularly clean your mattress and have a sanitary sleep environment.  Give us a call today.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

You may find that from season to season the ductwork in your home becomes dusty, filled with debris, or lined with pet dander and other allergens.  Dream Steam duct cleaning services ensure your ducts are clean and free of unhealthy allergens. Give us a call today.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process

One of the most frequently asked questions by new customers is how the hardwood floor cleaning process works. We know that it is important to have an understanding about the process, and we love to educate customers on how the cleaning will be performed.

Apartment Turnover Cleaning

Are you a community manager of an apartment building looking for a company to help with your turnovers when residents move in or move out?

Dream Steam Can Keep Your Office Carpets Like New

Did you know that Dream Steam does office cleaning? If your office has a lot of foot traffic, you know that those areas can be tough to keep clean on a regular basis. Our green and environmentally friendly hot water extraction cleaning will be safe for your staff and customers and will not use any harsh chemicals or solutions that will potentially attract dirt over time.

Automobile Cleaning: We Can Do That Too!

In Minnesota, every season comes with some way to track outdoor elements unknowingly into your vehicle. Salt in the winter, leaves in the fall, mud in the spring, and more can be trapped under the floor mats and leave unsightly stains on your vehicle’s carpet and upholstery.

Carpet Cleaning for Your Business - Should it be a Priority?

As a business owner, life can get very hectic.  Your To-Do lists get longer and longer, especially now that the holidays are on their way. Carpet cleaning your business carpets is probably not a priority right now and you keep putting that one off till after the new year. 

Tips on How to Clean Your Apartment Quick and Efficiently

Dream Steam's cleaning hacks that will make your apartment more livable and pleasant.